May 16


Isn’t fall the time for changes? well, summer here I come in full swing! Basically, life has been a whirlwind all over again. Interesting what we need to go through in life just to learn and not continuing to repeat those same patterns over and over again. WHAT DO I NEED TO LEARN!? too many thing maybe?

Well, I still get to teach yoga and be inspired more by my own students. Today, as I taught class, word just flowed from me that only God could do… for me to be the student at the same time I was sitting teaching. Gratitude toward ALL things in life. Even all this damn change… AGAIN! I teach about change all the time. And it’s our attachments to outcomes that create suffering. Yes. I know. And until you’re in that moment, those words aren’t as intense as they are when you’re in the middle of it all. Gratitude for even those challenging things in life that we really can’t see much to be thankful for. And right now, it’s change. Sounds soooooo simple (sarcastically said and eyes rolling). But sheesh, I have this really deep want for my store and studio to be so amazing: I can teach a little less and get out a little more. But, not happenin’ folks. ¬†However, it really has been. just not enough with all the¬†financial shenanigans.

Then, I still get to design…. and that’s really what this blog is about (or at least I think it should be). It kinda turned into my little outlet for the day, so thanks!

Ashley is one of my new favorite people. She and I are not only becoming sweeter friends, but she has a heart of pure transparent joy. She’s also starting to pursue her own business too and we came up with a logo that ‘speaks’ of her free flowing spirit and love. The colors are bright and cheery but too too “girly” and the font creates a more whimsical but modern feel.

I hope you enjoy the logo and a sneak peak of the upcoming website we’re working on:


Ashley Moncrief logo


Ashley Moncrief Website preview


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