Oct 10

Linkville Lopers

Some things are just plain fun to do! Like the lopers’ logo. Here is what they had:


The little pelican running is pretty cute. Klamath Falls is known for lots of beautiful great white pelicans.  But I really wanted to steer away from traditional and move into something more cutting edge, with colors, and still representative of Klamath Falls.

I did a little research on some other logos I found that inspired me and other running club logos. Basically, here’s what you get looking for running club logos through google:

MHAC_Running_Club_Color_Med Logo_3 copy imgres-2 imgres-1 images images-1

Hmm…. not too hard to make our look better… I though at least! I wanted the logo to present a feeling of fun, vibrancy, road and trail, and Klamath Falls.

So then I started looking at some inspirational logos and began getting my creative juices flowing… I began noticing lots of fun colors in the new logo trends of 2013….

imgres bahamas4d135711b3e689813597281134e9ecff dzinewatch-symmetrical-logo-design


And found some beautiful inspirational art pieces too. Here’s one by Juan Usle:



And something jsut fun for you to see about colors and its emotions associated with them.



After a few attempts, this logo didn’t take too much time. Which is always nice in the logo making world. I wish I had my thumbnail sketches still, but I think I trashed them all. Next time I’ll make sure to keep those funny looking things (more like fun to laugh at, what in the world was I thinking).

So here’s the final product:

Linkville Lopers Running and Walking Club Horizontal Logo


And for the website:Linkville Lopers Running and Walking Club Logo


Which we then went on to create a website for the club. ┬ásay “we” because Josh, my husband, actually did most of the work. I feel like it’s his site more than mine. I just had a few inserted comments here and there. Otherwise, nice job Joshua Nelson! Check it out here!

Linkville Lopers Running and Walking Club Website design


Thanks for checking in. I hope to put up a new piece soon that is in progress now.

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